Tuesday, June 22, 2004

two things that are unrelated but funny (to me)

*Sorry, guys, but Britney just ain't lookin' so hot. I have to agree with Ellen though--ugly Britney is way more fun. Now that she's got skin problems, noticeable body fat, and a penchant for booze and cigarettes, I can actually relate to the girl. Go Britney.

*The Television Without Pity Real World recaps are always delightful if you follow the show. This week's had me laughing out loud by repeatedly referring to Jacquese's parents as Macquese and Pacquese (just say it out loud.) I also especially enjoyed the following paragraph, as I had the same feelings while watching the show: "The roommates arrive at work. Robin interviews that they got there at 10:45, and that Troy wasn't very happy. Troy tells them that they were close to being on time, but that they were still late. Cameran asks sadly if they lost their bonus for the day. Troy says that it's 'like a normal job,' and that 'bonuses are for excelling, not just meeting.' So being late is meeting expectations? And being on time would be exceeding expectations? What the fuck? Where do I get one of these jobs?"

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