Wednesday, June 30, 2004

if you see my self gathering dust in a corner somewhere, do let me know

My cute Canadian e-mail buddy just sent me a link that is quite relevant to what all us post-college kiddies have been belly-aching about since, well, college. According to the Vice Guide to "Finding Yourself" all I have left to do is backpack through Europe, do all sorts of drugs, dye my hair, and go to therapy and then my soul will be at ease. A FAB-style stay across the pond is in the works, but the drugs might have to wait as I already have more than my fair share of addictions. And I do dye my hair and get therapy, though the former is in the form of golden blonde highlights from a schmancy salon, and the latter is free (you know who you are.) It seems like I'm getting close though. I wonder what my self looks like.

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