Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a telegram

Not dead. Working lots and lots at the Wine Bar. Actually doing helpful, moderately fulfilling work at the Internship. Still have no internet at home. Am 72.6% done improving my apartment. Still have the cat. Cat is fucking insane but I don't hate him anymore. Going through a dryspell as Bartender's selling t-shirts on tour with an indie band. Shut up. Parents in town this week. Staying in my apartment. Hahahahaha. Had the onion rings to end all onion rings at Dressler.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

oh the serendipity!

I knew my internship would be good for something besides $2.50 an hour! In the course of today's duties, I had to visit the website for the latest non-bulimia-related-vomit-inducing NYC restaurant, Hawaiian Tropic Zone. Turns out, they are hiring! I HAVE been a little peeved by certain things at Wine Bar lately...
Currently the Hawaiian Tropic Zone is searching for its glamorous staff. This high-profile location will be, without a doubt, New York City's greatest attraction. Catering to the most distinguished guests every single day, this will probably be the most important career move of your life. In short, this premium opportunity is the chance of a lifetime!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


No internet at home because the old account in my apartment was never closed and Time Warner won't let me open a new one without a notarized copy of my lease and I don't actually have a lease + Working every goddamn day at the restaurant because they've been hiring all these flaky actor people who call in sick for their shifts and I'm a total pushover = Here's a picture of my dog, Babe, with a cone around her neck: