Tuesday, October 03, 2006


No internet at home because the old account in my apartment was never closed and Time Warner won't let me open a new one without a notarized copy of my lease and I don't actually have a lease + Working every goddamn day at the restaurant because they've been hiring all these flaky actor people who call in sick for their shifts and I'm a total pushover = Here's a picture of my dog, Babe, with a cone around her neck:


Anonymous said...

That's hot! What did Babe do to get into that predicament? Is the other dog in the picture the one with the underbite?

Gina said...

indeed. you can see the protuding bottom teeth if you look closely enough.

and, uh, babe had a gross thing on her leg and wouldn't stop licking it, so it kept getting grosser. (apologies if you are currently eating lunch.)