Thursday, September 21, 2006

$160K later...

This spring, my little sister joined the wonderful world of the Elite College Graduate. And what a world it is:

I got home yesterday and got a call from a Pomona sophomore asking me to donate forty-seven dollars. I haven't yet contacted the NSA for an official government transcript of the conversation, but here it is as best as I can recall:

Po So: Hi, this is [Pomona Sophomore] calling to thank you for your support this spring and to ask if you'd be willing to donate 47 dollars this year.
Me: Um. I just graduated and don't really have any money, so, uuuuhhhh, maybe next year?
Po So: Um okay. Well could you tell me how it's going? How's life as a college graduate?
Me: I'm living at home with my parents and working a stupid job.
Po So: Can I ask what you're doing?
Me: ....I put shirt racks together.
Po So: Oh.


Ruth said...

Ha! This happened to me soon after I graduated from my Pomona-like college.

Eager Undergrad: "Can I ask you to donate even five dollars?"
Me: "Sorry, that's about how much I'm making an hour these days."
Eager Undergrad: (stunned silence)

Fat Asian Baby said...

yeah i kinda almost wish that a stupid columbia undergrad would bait me just a little so i could really let 'em have it.

Anonymous said...

I wish my school's guidance office had a pamphlet of dialogues like this for all our college-obsessed seniors (and their even more obsessed parents) to help them see the light.... no matter where you go, you will still spend your twenties poor, adrift, and perenially bothered with lame fundraising campaigns for the alma mater.

VE said...

Ha! I get these calls all the time. I'm like - Get back to me in 20 years when I'm done paying off the student loans.