Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i'm confused

*Why, why why why why WHY does this exist?

*Why did the security people at Central Wisconsin Airport confiscate my bottle of water, mascara, deodorant, Kiehl's lip balm, and complimentary toothpaste from the dentist when I passed right through security at LaGuardia with all of those items (sans toothpaste)? I love that the toughest airport security I've ever encountered is in the most unlikely-to-be-terrorized place I have ever been to. And even more perplexing--are we really supposed to believe that taking away people's NyQuil GelCaps is going to prevent a terrorist attack via liquids? They didn't take away my ballpoint pens. Those have liquid. Morons.

*Why are drinks at the Dollar Bar $1.75? The establishment was true to its name when I was home last year. Those money-hungry capitalist pigs!

*When did I become one of those people that thinks everything their pet does is the most brilliant, endearing thing that ever happened in the history of the universe? But seriously, check out this awesome video my dad took of my dogs! Every night before he goes to bed he lets them out so they don't poop on the carpet in the morning, but Babe's getting up there in years, you see, so she goes to bed (on a beanbag in my sister's room) early. So Dad tells my other dog, Daisy, to "go get Babe," and then Daisy goes into my sister's room, barks and growls, and then leaves, and Babe, without fail, emerges sleepily shortly thereafter and makes her way to the kitchen for a sip of water before joining Daisy to do their biznass. I've watched this video, and the live act, approximately 50,000 times.

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Anonymous said...

They confiscated my fish in the Central Wisconsin Airport!

Also I played a pivotal role in that Daisy video.