Saturday, September 02, 2006

the fair

I hadn't been to the Central Wisconsin State Fair in at least eight years. It is exactly the same as I remember it, only everything seems a lot smaller. In lieu of human accompaniment, I took my camera. With writing I'm all about concision, but I have an extremely hard time editing a group of photographs. These are my favorite six. And I'll probably post the rest later, because I have no self-control.

Here we have your typical group of fair-goers. Note to self: have Bud Light pitcher attached to belt loop at all times, in case of emergency.

Everything seemed so much fancier when I was 10.

Sometimes I miss the element of surprise inherent in shooting photos on film. But there are still surprises to be had with the digital medium, especially when you can't take your eyes off a bulging, lactating udder.

Reba, Clifford, and Mercedes.

The Marshfield News Herald--at least 78 years of grievous typos. (Read the first sentence.)

Always and forever, my favorite building at the Fairgrounds. No offense, World's Largest Round Barn.

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy, am I jealous. What a shindig!
Maybe you should start a "Gina's Wisconsin Tours" business and take groups of cynical, black-clad New Yorkers to midwestern state fairs ... and dairyfests, german/scandinavian culture parades, or whatever other cultural events they have there. You would make millions.