Tuesday, June 29, 2004

the super deluxe music edition

*Best part of a VH1.com interview with Ambulance LTD [via Stereogum] (whose album is lovely, by the way, though I must warn that my mom liked it too, but the lead singer is gorgeous...anyway):

VH1: Is Avril setting a good example for girls?
Matt: Yes. Why? I'll tell you. Because in that song she's kind of mad because her boyfriend thought she was gonna have sex with him. I think that's nice. Chastity is a good quality. I think it's good. Especially when you're Avril Lavigne and you're ... how old is she? Like 12 or something?
VH1: She's 19.
Marcus: She should give it up by now.

*While watching some quality television programming last night, I saw a commercial for Coors' new low-carb abomination Aspen Edge. I spent the entire commercial stewing over where for the love of God I'd heard the song before, then realized it's on my favorite lying in the hammock while smoking a cigarette and talking on the phone album, My Morning Jacket's It Still Moves. I've been intrigued by this good indie music as background phenomenon for years, of course on car commercials but especially on MTV. The music for all the non-music shows is almost always whatever really good indie or electronic or underground hip hop is going on at the moment. So somebody out there knows what the good stuff is, but for whatever reason the kids these days just aren't ready to hear Spoon without Nick and Jessica running around on the screen.

*Perplexa and I finally came up with a name for our band. I can't share it with you because it's so hot someone would surely steal it, but I will say that it neither starts with "the" nor has ever been done before, guaranteed. Now we just have to, like, learn how to play instruments other than the clarinet and the flute and we're in business.

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Matt said...

Perplexa is actually the name of a pretty good band. Too bad its already taken!