Wednesday, April 07, 2004

a very special episode

This season of the Real World, I gotta say, has been a little lackluster. Other than acquiring disorderly conduct arrests here and there, this cast does nothing but get trashed and bitch about having to be at work by noon. Cry me a river. However, last night's dramafest was simply hilarious. With maybe an exception and a half, these people are so vacuous that you can almost see the proverbial wheels turning while they try to comprehend a serious issue like self-mutilation, and they ain't turning very fast. In case you may have missed it (God forbid!) this episode revealed that Frankie, along with suffering from cystic fibrosis, cheating on her boyfriend, and having a crippling fear of large sea-faring vessels, is.....a cutter! I don't think the producers could have found a more animated character (and I don't just say this because she frequently resembles a Thundercat.) While I particularly enjoyed the forced display of tenderness from Randy the Meathead and the fact that Jaime sounds and looks uncannily like the Asian Fashion Club girl from Daria, the highlight for me was a quote to Frankie from Robin, whose fake boobs seem to grow larger with every passing episode: "You don't, like, wanna die do you?"

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