Tuesday, April 06, 2004


*This is just plain wrong: J. Lo's Mother Wins $2.4M at N.J. Casino

*Today I'm wearing a skirt, so, for once, there are no open zipper or button issues. I did, however, just discover that my undies are on inside out. It's time to join Beltless Andrew in starting a nudist colony for those who are incapable of dressing themselves.

*This Times article is kind of annoying. Is it really shocking anyone that some college kids work too much at the expense of their mental health? How do you think they got into college in the first place? Most students learn how to deal with the requisite stress and needn't be coddled. Those who do lose it would probably not have been saved by attending more massage study breaks. Though I must say, I wouldn't have minded if my school, a la Bowdoin, had provided me with a puppy to cheer me up during reading week.

*Lastly, is my apartment's terrace more Evening Serenade or Summer Island?

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