Tuesday, July 13, 2004

very important news roundup

*Stoned Delaware Student Gets Lost in Connecticut: "Police said Cunningham, of Dover, Del., confessed that eating an entire bag of mushrooms, 'probably wasn't a good idea.'"

*NYT explains my most recently acquired vice: "Ultraviolet rays can make the time spent on a tanning bed more pleasurable, a study has found. 'These people are getting their little hit of UV,' one researcher said."

*Gawker is right on the money: "Morgan Stanley is the third Wall Street firm to pay big bucks [to sexually harassed female employees] -- Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch have previously paid out more than $100 mil combined. This pattern could very well lead one to believe that Wall Street boys would much rather be assholes and pay out millions of dollars than keep their money by merely not behaving like retarded frat boys while at work."

*The Morning News describes various dog breeds. And now I so want a pit bull named Mandy.


Fat Asian Baby said...

Hmm, this makes me wonder if the brief but torrid affair I had with one of the traders while I was an intern at BearGoldmanBarney could have yielded some cash. I mean, I was the tender age of 19 and he a not so tender 31 and um, about to be married, so it turned out.

Gina said...

you should have just bribed him by threatening to tell his fiance.