Tuesday, July 20, 2004

ain't nobody gonna burst my bubble

Project Don't Get Deported to Wisco began officially today with a trip to an NYC staffing agency. I was a little concerned about going in for an interview and computer testing given that I slept all of five minutes last night. (Note to self and others: Do not spray half the contents of a can of Raid inside a 144 square foot space. Carcinogenic fumes are not, in fact, preferable to one measly cockroach.) However, the woman I met with (who assisted Drone in his "industry change" as well) was very friendly, gave me resume-spiffing suggestions, and said I "presented well," dark undereye circles and all.

Next was the testing. Three 30-minute exams on Word, Excel, and Powerpoint followed by a typing exam. These basically confirmed what I've known all along--I should be a professional test-taker, if only such a thing existed. Eighty-one words per minute, baby, with zero errors. Boo. Yah.

So then I get on the elevator all pumped from my proven (but feigned) computer expertise. A man, presumably from the agency, noticed that I was carrying a score report. "Don't worry," he said, "people who do really well on tests suck at actual jobs."



Anonymous said...

I can't believe he actually said that. Rather hilariamous, I must admit. -drone

Andrew said...

Granted, if I'm any sort of a gauge, he might just be right...