Thursday, July 29, 2004

oh baby baby

The Company Computer Nazis have been overthrown! Gawker and Gothamist and precious Blogger are back to keep me company until it's time to blow this popstand. I've expanded the link list with a couple boy blogs that I find highly entertaining (and, most importantly, extensive and frequently updated.)

*Thighs Wide Shut. Fills the hole left by the blockage of Whatevs, over which the CCN have not yet relinquished control. Also, this picture is hilarious.

*My Blog is Poop. Rivals the tastelessness of my own title. This post, using baseball as a metaphor for hooking up, is particularly thought provoking. After hearing both sides of the argument, I'm still not sure where I stand on the Home Game vs. Away Game question. Perhaps it would be more cut and dry for me if I didn't sleep in a twin-size loft bed.

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