Friday, July 09, 2004

at least there aren't so many bugs in nyc

I was going to post some self-indulgent drivel about how utterly hopeless I think my life may be, but I kind of got it out of my system while out mowing the lawn and getting mauled by mosquitos on every non-DEET-slathered patch of skin. Plus, no one needs another Gloomy Gus.

*The first sentence says it all. "The beer gods were looking after Patrick Troyer on Wednesday when three kegs of Wisconsin Amber lager crossed Troyer's path on his way to work."

*Reason #2938470239 why I love my sister. While out walking the dogs today, she told me a story: "Earlier when I was walking to my haircut, I passed by a big old guy with three girls, and they were all carrying stacks of paper. They handed me a piece and said they were opening a new Baptist church and that I should come check it out. I didn't know what to do with the flyer, and there were no garbage cans around. I was passing by the Presbyterian church, and I hung it on their door." [I am now in possession of said flyer, as it was hanging on the Via Family door as well. Just to warn you heathens out there, if you do not know for sure that you are going to Heaven, then there is a good chance that your eternal home will not be Heaven.]

*Oh goody, an inane patriotic poem. This must get an entire page in the newspaper!: "Jim Schecklman woke early one morning with words flowing through his mind. Within about 20 minutes, Schecklman composed, I, American, a poem to honor the troops deployed around the world." [I wonder if he was inspired by the upcoming Will Smith blockbuster, I, Robot...]

*You know those heinous scrunchies with fake hair on them?

People wear those here.

Alrightie, time to go shower. My DEET grease-perfume is making me a little woozy. Guess I'll post again on Monday. If my parents manage to drag me kicking and screaming onto the plane, that is.

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