Thursday, July 08, 2004

i like music and writing and clothes and food and aminals

Today I took a little roadtrip to Madison with Katie, the best friend from high school. We sat outside by the lake and ate (well I did at least) an absurd amount of ice cream with our friend Dustin, whom I hadn't seen since the 90's. He is about to head off to Berkeley to get a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. Hot damn. Dustin's that winning combo of extremely smart, extremely hard-working, and extremely down to earth, and I'm so happy for him. It feels good to know that some people have their shit together, even as I'm still contemplating picking up shit for a living. This brings me to what I've been thinking about in the car all day, which is how to make enough money to stay in New York. Wisconsin's Best Small City! will always be here, so I might as well give it the college try. Here's the list of ideas so far. Further suggestions are more than welcome, but keep in mind that my goal at this point is simply to have an occupation which does not make my brain drip out of my ears.

*Temping. I'm not a big fan of office jobs, but at least the office would be constantly changing. Plus, it pays well enough, and I can type and do mindless, repetitive tasks better than the average monkey.

*Dog-walking/Rickshaw-driving. These go in the same category because they're both the same kind of subservient. Bonus points for the inherent exercise, as I'm sure as hell not going to be able to afford my gym membership.

*Selling my body. No, not like that. There's a lot of research going on in ol' New York, and subjects are always needed. I once got 60 bucks to lie in an MRI thingy for 20 minutes. Also, I saw cold hard proof that I have no major brain deformitites! Only problem with this is that the big bucks go to the druggies, and I've yet to acquire a coke habit. Darn.

*An obvious choice to make some decent interim money is the food service industry. Fancy restaurants are out. Been there, done that. I am not hostess/waitress material. I worked in a little coffee shop once and liked it, but the pay is not so good. Then there's bartending, which I think I could do, but I have no experience and stupidly neglected to take the Columbia University Bartending Course when it was so convenient.

*Tutoring. Small children scare me, so babysitting is not an option, but I have a small, exaggeratable amount of tutoring experience. I was good at school, and my love for multiple choice tests is a little beyond normal, the evidence of which I will shamelessly waive in the face of anyone considering hiring me. Problem with this is finding work independent of an agency. There is no room to share the wealth right now.

Okay, that's about all I've considered much as far as temporary work goes. Oh, I also like to paint--walls, not canvases. Hmm. Anyway, it would be neato to have a real job, or go to graduate school, but if I'm going to spend any more large blocks of time somewhere I'd want it to be leading to something. And I HAVE NO STINKIN' CLUE what that something could be.


Fat Asian Baby said...

Isn't it obvious, dear? Dr. Michael.

Gina said...

oh silly me, how could i have forgotten? i think i still have the card with his number on it...wonder if he's still alive.

Scarlett Ace said...

I feel you on this one....I hated my job forever, and I felt miserable, and would have just loved to have walked out on any given day.