Tuesday, March 01, 2005

argentina two - signs

Oh my god, you guys, I don't hate my job! Perhaps wearing two-inch heeled, uncushioned, one size too big boots for an eight hour shift was not the best judgment call, but today I got my black orthopedic "Saf-T-Step" shoes at Payless and I'm ready to roll. Anyway, here's the rest of Argencheapa.

The view from our hostel, which cost us $5 a night, and that pretty much sums it up. Note to self: when staying in a hostel invest in some quality earplugs.

Let's get political! Avenida (In)dependencia; Che Monroe.

Dove thinks that without fake boobs, you can be happy! What do you think? Truth, or LIE? (Note that Buenos Aires has the largest percentage of plastic surgeons and psychologists per capita in the world.)

I'm immature.

Really immature.


Anonymous said...

Duuuude. Great photos. I seriously HAVE to go to Argentina. Only, where are all the unavoidably beautiful Argentnian people that everyone always talks about??

And what's this? You hate your job waitressing? Get out. Seriously. You must be jesting. Heh. I cannot wait to hear the stories. Please stick with it if only to relay how annoying people are. Pleeeease.

-Droney Drone

PS: Did you see my blog about us and the Ansonia???? I'm serious, man. And not like I was serious 10 lines up.

Gina said...

no no i DON'T hate my job waitressing. not yet, at least. this is truly revolutionary. as for the ansonia, until a psych research assistant job exists with a salary of greater than that of a mcdonald's worker, or i decide to become a prostitute, fancy apartment buildings in nyc ain't happenin for me. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Psh. Way to read, Drone. Classic case of seeing what you want to see. So, sweet! So glad you li... don't hate your job.

So what's so bad about whoring? Basically what I'm doing.


Gloria said...

I'm so jealous. The pictures look great. I want to go somewhere warm and cheap where snow doesn't exist.