Tuesday, March 22, 2005

the spell continues

In response to the two questions from the peanut gallery, No and No. While I did in fact use a can of Lysol yesterday, its purpose was limited to spraying the shit out of my bedroom floor (literally, damn untrained but cute as hell beagle.) The first question requires a more complicated answer. As we learned in a previous exercise, for an approximately three-year period I was stuck in a pattern of becoming way too into guys who were not that into me, the majority of whom I later realized I didn't actually like in the first place, but got so worked up over because I wanted them to like me, and when it didn't work out I'd find another guy to not like me that much in order to make myself feel better. (Trust me, there is some way of reading that sentence such that it actually makes sense.) Anyway, I seem to have freed myself from that vicious cycle, which is all well and good, but in the process I have stumbled upon a new phenomenon. Much like the Cute Canadian Internet Boyfriend (who is still in the picture, but to what degree I have no clue,) B the Bartender is supercool and laidback most of the time (awesome) but terribly insecure/nervous/intimidated/whatever when it comes to the getting naked part (not so awesome.) Basically at work we flirt like junior high kids and he has no problem pulling me into the wine closet to make out, but at my house last night he was like a little lost puppy (one who's an awesome kisser, at least.) Sigh. Perhaps there is indeed a reason they say not to get involved with coworkers. Or maybe we just need to be drunker next time.

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Gloria said...

Ah, yes. The glories of having an untrained dog in the house. How I so do NOT miss those days.

And drunker is always better. Or so sayeth the alcoholic over here.