Monday, March 21, 2005

weekend update

I have returned to Ithaca from my weekend in New York. I had lots of fun, the beagle didn't poop in my room while I was away, and even though I spent all the money I've made here thus far and more it was very worth it.

On Saturday night I met my college crew friends for dinner at an excellent restaurant in the West Village. Overwhelmed by the presence of about 10 people I love and haven't seen in several years and hungry from forgetting to bring food on the bus ride, I got very drunk very quickly, which proved beneficial at our next stop. Hunk-O-Mania was pretty much as expected--throngs of Long Island and New Jersey's finest bachelorettes, overly beefy dudes running around in g-strings, and a performance that I'm sure is very very tame compared to what goes on at a bachelor party. Highlights included replying to "you look like you need a lap dance" with "no, no I really don't," friend Maggie very literally running away upon receiving a similar proposition, and the grand finale which featured a "performer" with a wiener the size of a Lysol can.

I crashed at Drone's apartment and spent the following morning/afternoon in bed watching television. We saw the inadvertently campy Blue Lagoon (has there ever existed a hotter human being than Brooke Shields at 15?) and Mimic, a Mira Sorvino film about giant mutant cockroaches taking over the New York City subway system. I later found my way to Perplexa's (who is leaving us to live in London near her boyfriend and make lots of money...bitch.) We reminisced about the good ol' days, particularly about our suitemates during freshman year of college. Let's just say Perplexa and I were a great match and the other two were a great match, but said matches did not match at all. Though there are stories galore, I think our year together is best summed up with the Sonic Youth Incident. In an attempt to retaliate for having to put up with all the 'NSync music and "OHMYGOD aaaaaah eeeeeh!" sorority-type shrieking, Perplexa and I (known to them as "the sad people") put my old Sony boombox on the highest volume it would go, placed it against the shared wall, turned on Sonic Youth, and covered our ears. Shortly thereafter one of the girls knocked on our door and said, "Um, like, can you guys maybe turn that down?" To which Perplexa replied, "Only if you stop giggling."

Anyway, as much as I love New York I'm very glad to be back in Ithaca. It's slow, quiet, cheap, and full of entertaining drunkards. And I still like my job! And most importantly, the aforementioned dry spell is pretty much definitely ending tonight.


Anonymous said...

so did the dry spell end? did it end well more importantly?

Andrew said...

Did you hook up with a can of lysol?