Thursday, March 03, 2005

chile two - santiago

Tragedy has struck, folks. There is no UPN in Ithaca. Repeat, there is no UPN in Ithaca. I don't know what they have against Moesha around here, but discovering last night at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time that I was cut off from America's Next Top Model was almost too much for my fragile psyche to bear. If anyone has access to any sort of video recording device and could send me the show in the mail every week or something, please click "Gmail me!" to your right, and you will be handsomely rewarded (once I start getting paid.)

Anyway, here's the rest of the pics.

There are approximately 293,847 different bus lines in Santiago. And as far as I could tell, many of them seem to travel pretty much the same route. They also do not tend to stop or pull over to the side of the street when picking up or dropping off passengers, so you've got to get your timing right and jump on or off without getting thrown out the door and/or into oncoming traffic. It makes New York seem like a friendly little amusement park.

Nothin' like getting really drunk to take away the pain of a sunburn.

This is the corporate headquarters for Telefonica, the major phone service provider in Chile. The building is shaped like a giant cell phone.

San Cristobal is a big hill covered in cool looking trees and topped with a statue of the Virgin Mary. It is probably the most recognized tourist attraction in Santiago, as you can see by the fancy signage guiding people in it's direction. After our visit to La Virgen, my iPod mysteriously came back to life after lying dormant for over a week. Coincidence? Creo que no.


Cactus Prick said...

Anything that can make NYC seem like a friendly amusement park scares the shit out of me!!

P.S. You're really cute ;-)

Anonymous said...

since i don't have access to yahoo anymore, this is the best way i can communicate with you, but you HAVE to check out the gawker post on the french women don't get fat soiree..HILARIOUS