Wednesday, March 09, 2005

a day at the mall

In the absence of constant internet access and cable television, I have to go to new levels here to keep myself entertained. Having already read several books, watched the entire first season of Law and Order on DVD, and done my laundry, today I set off with E for the Pyramid Mall, a place that is as frightening as it is awesome.

We began in the bookstore, where we saved some big buck$ by reading Teen Vogue and Elle on site, rather than paying for the whole 20 minutes it takes to absorb them at home. Then it was on to our stated purpose for being in the bookstore, the Test Aid section. We plopped down on the floor and got surprisingly involved in our GRE study books and made ourselves feel rather stupid for failing to answer simple math problems that would've been no sweat about eight years ago. We did manage to learn some new vocab words, however, by employing sophisticated memorization techniques (e.g., the big word, which I have already forgotten, that begins with "pusi-" means wimpy, like pussy!).

After all that learning we were hungry, so I sated myself with some Arby's curly fries while E had some oddly flourescent mint chip ice cream from Friendly's. Next stop was the arcade, where we joined the mom-accompanied four-year-olds and school-ditching punkish kids. They all seemed to be enthralled in their respective games, but E and I weren't there for the games, we were there for the goods. After some pathetic attempts at winning tickets with Skeeball, we found a game that guaranteed 8-10 tickets per token. With our $4 bounty of 50+ tickets each, E and I "won" some glow-in-the-dark jelly bracelets, mini metal handcuffs, and temporary tattoo belly jewels, which will most certainly earn me some extra tips tonight during my cocktail waitressing shift.

Is there any better way to spend an insanely cold Wednesday afternoon? I think not. Thanks, Pyramid Mall!


barkeep said...

Was it pusillanimous?

Gina said...

YES!!!! I was adding every suffix I could possibly think of and couldn't remember it. You are a fucking genius.