Wednesday, March 23, 2005

why you should not fuck your hairstylist and ignore his subsequent phone calls

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Now, I liked Friends as much as the next 13-year-old back in 1994. In fact, my unibrow-, acne-, and curled bangs-having self would've cut off a limb or two to look like Jennifer Aniston. But it is ten years later, and I am free of the aforementioned atrocities (well, mostly,) and I no longer feel the need to look like an early 90's sitcom star. If this random stylist had to copy a celebrity haircut, couldn't she at least have gone with the au currant MK Olsen? Freddie the Hairstylist Who Probably Doesn't Use a Computer, awkwardness and bad feelings aside, I'm coming back.

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Fat Asian Baby said...

I've been trying to decide if I should give ole Freddie a call as my hair is in a most desperate situation or just brave the hair stylists in Georgia.

MalAdjust said...

I don't know. It's not *that* bad.

Besides, you're cute enough to counter to Bad Hairstyle.