Monday, August 09, 2004


Hot dogs and beer and rickety rollercoasters.

Risking death and blasting German death metal.

Livin' in the shadoooow, of someone else's dreeeeeam...(Somebody please block my access to the Ashlee Simpson show.)

Calisthenics in a Speedo on Brighton Beach.

I used to beee a little boooy.

I love Hedwig (and I'm a big, shameless dork for celebrities.)




Fat Asian Baby said...

Damn. I saw you shamelessly taking all those pictures of the DJ booth. I'm impressed that they actually came out well considering all the interference and elbows. And don't forget the flashing lights. Maybe I suffer from an epileptic-like sensitivity to obnoxious flashing lights.

Gina said...

heh, i think they were helped by the fact that i was literally two feet in front of them. soooo shameless. if only i had been at da silvano with rhett sitting next to nicole kidman....

Anonymous said...

don't forget public urination. -ellen

Gina said...

ooooh i forgot about that. should've taken a picture. we did leave an impressive puddle.

Fat Asian Baby said...

Oh Goodness. You didn't pee in front of Lit did you? That reminds me of when I was in Houston with Steph and we had to pee really bad so we pulled off the highway and into a mall where we saw the Christian Life Store which we decided was as good a place as any to cop a squat and less loose. Rest assured, I DID get a picture of that.

Gina said...

oh no, we went around the corner and then peed on the sidewalk next to a little sedan.

but nothing will ever beat the two-part triple-pee down the steps in riverside park. i think that was with steph too. aaah memories.