Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I was starting to write about my new job, but as my boss has been on jury duty since I started there's not much to say about it just yet. Though I must mention that I love that I get to wear jeans on Friday and pretty much anything but jeans during the week, there's free good coffee, Pepsi products, and Snyder's pretzels, and I can use instant messenger and listen to the radio in my very own cubicle.

Things continue to be weird though. Yesterday I got to work an hour early. By accident. Actually, it was only 45 minutes early because I was "late." Then after work Perplexa and I went to our first Pilates class. It was alright I guess, but the amount of actual exercise would take me about 10 minutes to do on my own. The other 50 minutes included a lot of talk about how to breathe (um, duh,) how to engage the muscles of one's pelvic floor, and the importance of proper pubic bone alignment. I think I'll stick with the treadmill. Perhaps the weirdest thing of all is that, though I still don't do anything at work, I don't read the blogs much anymore. Not even Gothamist or Gawker. Has my ADD really gotten THAT bad?


Fat Asian Baby said...

Dude. I thought I was the only lazy one. I have hardly read any other internet material in ages. I used to blame it all on being in France, but I am beginning to suspect that it's actually a state of heightened laziness.

Gina said...

Yeah I'm starting to worry that something is seriously wrong with me. At least you're in school. I'm still planted in front of a computer all day. Pretty soon I'll only be able to read one word of something at a time.