Friday, August 27, 2004


Why do Fridays at work, the days in which you just want to do nothing and go home early, always involve the most work and staying later than intended? Oh, right, because I'm a lazy sack of poo and don't do anything during the first four days of the week. In any case, I just spent the last hour calling gas stations from Tallulah, Louisiana to Ogallala, Nebraska in the hope of obtaining street addresses for a brochure mailing. You'd think this would be an easy question for employees to answer. It is not. Next, I am to review and approve advertisement revisions from the graphics department so that they can be sent off to whoever makes them. I have no qualifications to do this whatsoever, and Newboss is still on jury duty. Um, they look good to me!

But all of this means nothing, because I'm having a, party on my roof tonight. And lots of people I know and love are actually in town and coming. My dearest FAB even changed her flight from Hotlanta so she could join in the sausagey fun. Can you feel the love???

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Andrew said...

I've been known to bring sausage to parties. Do what I can.