Friday, August 13, 2004

aaahhhh life

The Procrastination Queen (that would be me, of course) strikes again. Thirty minutes after ending my reign as Bond Sales Assistant Extraordinaire I was informed that I'd been hired somewhere! To start the next morning! So now I have a neato new job for a cool, creative company. Of course, this means that I'm being paid exactly enough to pay my rent and monthly bills. Not eat. Not drink. Nor generally take care of myself (or not take care of myself, as the case may be *coughcoughhack*...damn cigs.) So, it seems I either need to sell my body or move to a much cheaper apartment. If anyone reading this knows of anything in or near the city that isn't too scary, please please let me know. Likewise, do inform me of any rich old men who want to pay me not to have sex with them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

apparently today in craigslist there was a posting to clean a man's apt. in lingerie... for $750 a day... not too shabby...