Friday, June 17, 2005

wisconsin, you've let me down

While certainly not the last state, Wisconsin was not the first I'd expect to do this. [thanks, FAB] As Perplexa so eloquently said, banning the morning after pill on state university campuses is clearly an initiative by "conservative fuckers who hate women, gay men and women and sex in general." Because only a great deal of ignorance could lead someone to conclude that this is a good, helpful idea. For one, emergency contraception does essentially the same thing as the birth control pill and condoms--it prevents conception--and hence does not violently murder a four-celled organism. If the morning after pill is wrong according to whatever logic they're using, then so is regular ol' birth control. Secondly, college is the place where kids go to get drunk a lot and make stupid mistakes and be too poor to seek healthcare other than what the university provides. Speaking from experience, I don't think there are many girls running around thinking, "hey, I think I'll have some unprotected sex during the middle of my cycle so that I can make an appointment with health services the next day where they will shake their heads in disdain and lecture me for half an hour about safe sex and then give me a series of pills that will probably make me feel like I have food poisoning for a few days." So basically if this thing passes, if a couple of kids have no condoms and are too ragingly horny to stop themselves, or the condom breaks, or a girl passes out drunk and gets raped by the whole basketball team, her only option is to have a baby she can't adequately care for and fuck up her life plans or have an abortion and suffer the emotional, physical, financial, and oftentimes spiritual/moral pain as a result. Genius!

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