Thursday, June 09, 2005

something really dumb that i do constantly and will continue to do even though it annoys the crap out of me

Every time I return to my apartment from a trip to Starbucks or the new Bed Bath and Beyond on 64th Street or out drinking (pretty much the only reasons I leave my apartment,) I spend a good five minutes in the foyer/lobby/entryway/whatever frantically rifling through my bag to find my keys (frantically, because I usually really have to pee.) This is because I have one of those giant tote bags that is unnecessarily large and filled with unnecessary crap but that I can't seem to leave the house without. In reality, I could probably survive with a small purse that contains my wallet, keys, cellphone, iPod, and cigarettes, but you never know when that mini-deodorant, six pens, eight packs of matches, three jelly bracelets, bottle of Lubriderm hand lotion, box of Band-Aids, handful of tampons, whole arsenal of makeup, stack of bills that have yet to be opened, and package of fake tattoos will come in handy. Of course, said bag has two small interior pouches in which keys could be deposited and retrieved fairly quickly, but who has time to spend an extra millisecond putting them there rather than chucking them in the gaping bag? Certainly not me with my jampacked schedule!


Fat Asian Baby said...

Um yeah that's kinda why my keys are attached to a giant chicken.

Anonymous said...

i forgot about that chicken. you are weird.