Sunday, June 12, 2005

occasional and awkward foray into music bloggerdom

Bands for me are a lot like boys. I'll find a new one, become immediately attached and listen to it constantly. Eventually, the novelty and excitement wear off and it's over. And then a few weeks or months later I'll try to get back into the songs again (yeah, sleep with him,) but I'm just not that into it anymore. And then I'll long for a replacement, which seems like it's never going to come because something that good can't possibly exist (ha,) so I'll toy around with new ones that are fine enough, but just not filling the hole (that latest image is not part of this extended simile) and so I fantasize about the old one for a little longer. Case in point, I had my honeymoon period with the Arcade Fire, and I got back into them again when I was in Ithaca, and they will have a place in my heart forever but all the while I was wishing there was something else to get excited about, and now there is, and it's called Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Err, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! Like the Arcade Fire, the lead singer has a voice my parents would cringe at, a hokey instrument is used--accordion/harmonica, and they sound more than a little Talking Heads-ish. (Guilty as charged when it comes to the psych phenomenon of looking for characteristics in a new partner that an old partner had, even if you didn't necessarily gravitate toward said characteristics before.) I like the Gramophone's description of one of CYHSY's songs: "it sounds like so many bands, just way better." So now I just need to find a boy so I can stop thinking about the Fucking Canadian (2004 was the year for Montreal to invade my life, apparently,) and all my holes will be filled. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Actually, come to think of it, I really just need a goddamn job.

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