Tuesday, September 07, 2004

sentences schmentences

Sorry, FAB, but this one's gonna be in list format, just like the massive, undone "to do" list helpfully propping up my left elbow as I type this at work.

Things I Enjoyed This Weekend (Note: All activities enjoyed with Perplexa unless stated otherwise)

*Discussing girls with P's 19-year-old brother over pasta and ice cream. The boy's got some stories...

*Waking up in Jersey and being served french toast by P's mother, which compensated for waking up on a pull-out couch from 1942 with spring shapes imprinted on my back. Also, discussing the un-French-ness of said toast with Cute French-Canadian Internet Boyfriend Whom I Met in Real Life First (Perplexa was not present during this two-hour instant messaging love session.)

*Being asked if we could, like, go back wherever we came from by the poor vertically challenged girls stuck behind us genetic mutants at the Stellastarr(*...I just can't type the asterisk in seriousness) show. They were good though.

*Having a drag queen tell me he wanted my shirt and then touching his "boobs." They were made of birdseed packed into nylon stockings.

*Purchasing a $250 sweater at Intermix in celebration of the fact that I barely have enough money to buy bologna for my homemade lunch sandwiches but by golly I have a credit card that is not quite maxed out yet.


Fat Asian Baby said...

Dammit, not only is there no Shitibank in the entire State of Georgia, but more importantly, I have now confirmed that there is no Intermix either. Silly Georgians.

Gina said...

well snooz, that's what online shopping is for. may i suggest shopbop.com? as for shitibank, don't ever call them. i just failed miserably to communicate my cause to a customer service representative clearly located in bangladesh or something.