Friday, September 24, 2004

friday i'm in love

Or not. True to my (self) title as the Queen of Procrastination, I don't do any work all week and then do it all on Friday. While I'm busy logging data into various spreadsheets, read some other stuff:

*Hallelujah, praise the Jesus, liquor and wine can now be sold in NY on Sundays! [via Gothamist]

*Speaking of the son of God, there's this haunted house set up by one of those born again type Christian churches in my ol' hometown. While it's designed to deter the kiddies from destructive behaviors (gag) the special effects are actually very impressive. However, the Local Paper fails to mention what the church clearly considers to be the greatest teen travesty of all (suicide schmuicide.) At the end you're shuffled into a dark, empty room, and a big screen comes down showing the Pastor's head (Heaven's Gate, anyone?) which proceeds to inform you that if you lack a personal relationship with Jesus you are going to hell. Sorry, Jews and, like, several billion other people.

*Speaking of floating heads, here's why I need to learn me some Photoshop. [via Blacktable]

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