Tuesday, September 14, 2004

bring on the googlers

One thing I love about my new job--after Casual Fridays and free Snyder's Pretzel Rods in the break room--is access to Instant Messenger. May the Company Computer Nazis never penetrate the west side of Midtown. Yesterday's enlightening conversation with bored-in-class law student:

RaeganJ: so did you get the dolphin sex website that i sent you?
gina n betweena: yes yes
gina n betweena: where did you find that?
RaeganJ: how fucking creepy was that
gina n betweena: i know
RaeganJ: my freind justin
gina n betweena: for some reason this year i've learned several times that people allowing their animals to have sex with them is a very real phenomenon
RaeganJ: yeah. who knew
gina n betweena: i'd never thought about it before
RaeganJ: but apparently there is this whole zoophilia subculture
gina n betweena: but apparently there are people who will let their dogs/parakeets/whatever hump them until they, um, finish
[great minds...]
RaeganJ: yeah
gina n betweena: exactly. at least it's not the people having sex with the animals, but still...
RaeganJ: the thing i thought was funny was that the dolphin/parakeet/dog actually does finish
gina n betweena: i know. so weird. i also saw a thing online about a thing that horses hump so that breeders can collect sperm
RaeganJ: i knew about that
RaeganJ: cows do it too
RaeganJ: cause boy cows will only have sex with a girl cow once
RaeganJ: after that they refuse
gina n betweena: really? i had no idea...
RaeganJ: new cow or bust baby
gina n betweena: they didn't teach us that on our school field trips to the dairy farm
RaeganJ: you have to stick around a little longer for that one
RaeganJ: they also don't like the cows/horses/pigs to have actual sex because they can hurt one another
gina n betweena: ah. interesting. guess they wouldn't do well in the wild
RaeganJ: not so much
RaeganJ: apparently, modern breeding techniques have made the animals so different that they can't even make out with one another
[I love how Raegan refers to any and all sexual activity as "making out." Makes it all sound so innocent...Also, what did people do at work before the internet? Anyone?]


Andrew said...

I mean, am I a hot-on-the-spot internet researcher, or what?


Gina said...

dude, did you not click on the word "parakeet" in my post?