Monday, September 20, 2004


All major decisions I've ever made in my life happened in a split second with minimal to no deliberation. After having the taco salad hot lunch on my first day of high school I stopped eating meat and didn't do so again for eight years. When I was 14 and passed ol' Corrumbia on a tour bus I declared to my dad that I was going to go there for college. And my most serious relationship thus far commenced with the question "What's your name again?" after my first drunken blackout. You may be shocked to learn that lately I've been a little stressed and preoccupied with the idea of finding, like, a meaning and purpose in my life. I should have known that all the worry was for nothing, and that such an important decision simply could not be made through research, evaluation of options, or trial and error.

This morning it was decided definitively that I am going to get a PhD in Clinical Psychology (that's research, not necessarily shrinking.) This was not a new idea, but I'd always thought of excuses, like the fact that psych people are all crazy (but who isn't, really,) or that NYC is full of fabulous artsy fartsy jobs I'd be missing out on (but wouldn't be good at anyway,) or that I got a C in a psych class...and a mediocre GPA...and never made myself known to any professors (but the jock life was so worth it.) However, while failing to pay attention during today's Monday Morning Marketing Meeting, my graduate school application essay quite literally wrote itself. Also, I am the queen of filling in bubbles with Number 2 pencils (or with mouse clicks, now that we're so technologically advanced and all.) Best of all, the weight of having to sift through this incredibly complicated and daunting process pales in comparison to the complete lack of weight I felt in the lost bubble in which I've been floating around for the last couple years.

Okay, enough about me. Here's a little service journalism for y'all:

*If you live in New York City and enjoy food, go to Cafecito as soon as humanly possible. Order a bunch of appetizers and a pitcher (or two) of sangria. You will leave very happy and with plenty of cash left in your wallet.

*If you like vintage clothing, go to Kakkoii Mono and mention my site. You will get 23% off (thanks, KM!)


Gloria said...

Good luck with the grad school apps! I decided to apply for a doctorate, and so am putting myself through the Entire Process (save retaking of GREs) Again (so I guess it's really only doing applications all over again) - or will, as soon as I figure out a research topic.

And the restaurant looks amazing. Too bad I have lazy friends (and am lazy myself) because we never make it that far east in NY.

Robo's Drone said...

Dude, that was so inspirational. I need to get on that train, too. It's just gunns take some time, though. Business school? Eh. Maybe. Law school? Probably not. Grad school? For what? I just saw Rod Stewart's daughter on MTV Cribs this morning as I was getting ready for work, and all I could think was how awesome it would be to just lounge around all day and drive my platinum Cadillac conversion all over LA for no reason whatsoever. I'll keep wishin'.