Tuesday, September 28, 2004

haute couture invades the UWS...or not

As FAB pointed out, a brand spanking new Barney's Co-op has arrived at the edgy fashion mecca that is the Upper West Side. While I am thrilled that one of my favorite stores is a mere several blocks from my place of residence, I am more than a little mortified. Ever since E introduced my to Barney's back during the very first Marc by Marc collection, I've suffered a crippling addiction. A little J. Crew here and there just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm now the type of person who will spend an hour on public transportation to get to a cheap-o Cuban restaurant but is excited that her latest jeans purchase was ONLY $140. (Real World Melanie would soooo never do anything like that.) Oh well, at least I'm not addicted to crack. Anyway, I checked out the store this weekend, bought the aformentioned denim, and made an unsurprising demographic observation. Unlike other Co-ops, which are aimed at the younger, "poorer" crowd, the average client age in this one was about 50. There was even an elderly habit-wearing nun perusing the racks of $500 tweed blazers. We'll see how long this one lasts...

In other fashion news, while rounding the corner on my way home from the 'Ville last Friday, I found myself staring into the shockingly large and pale face of none other than Yoanna House, America's Next Top Aqua-Drops Commercial Actress and Psychology Today Cover Model. Before calling Drone and screaming with glee, I noticed that ANTM totally lies about the girls' heights (5'11" my ample ass,) she was wearing neon green pajama type pants (which leads me to believe she either lives in the area or was going to the Bikram yoga place nearby or something,) and she looked...not so happy. I should've given her some of my burrito.

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