Friday, October 21, 2005

feral pigs

An Assortment of Headlines From Today's Local Paper

I would like to note that the object of my seventh grade affections is quoted in that last article. If he'd married me as I'd planned, I could be spending my evenings drinking a nice microbrew, hitting invasive wild pigs on my way home in the minivan, and taking care not to get in any drunken-domestic-dispute-fueled gunfire. Sounds not that dissimilar from my current life, only replace "microbrew" with "$8 vodka tonic", "hitting wild pigs" with "puking out cab window", and "drunken domestic dispute" with "accidentally sleeping with inappropriate people." Only, in Wisconsin it would all be a hell of a lot cheaper AND Nascar t-shirts are respectable fashion choices.

(Yes, I am finally trying to learn some basic html, and I am a little too excited about it, so expect lots of bulleted lists and other such fancy things. Shut up.)


Anonymous said...

"It's classy. I like it," said 28-year-old Ryan Arnoldy of Marshfield.


Gina said...

A pithy quote, indeed.

Also, that's the no-longer a seventh grader's older brother. Let's hope he doesn't Google himself. Heh.