Tuesday, October 18, 2005

does the nyt's smell like roses?

I love it when higher powers mess up. Okay, too general. I love it when higher powers mess up resulting in no death, destruction, or other disastrous consequences. Anyway, mistakes are bound to happen in a massive daily newspaper like the illustrious New York Times, but an entire article based around an obvious error is like crack to those of us who love a little journalistic Schadenfreude.
Correction: Oct. 13, 2005, Thursday:

A CD review on Monday about the band Broken Social Scene and the album bearing its name misidentified its home city. It is Toronto, not Montreal.

Misidentified? Nice try. The basis for the whole review is BSS's place in the Montreal scene--proof that so many music reviews are nothing more than verbose bullshit. They are that one kid in AP English class who constantly "contributed" to discussion with big words and stupid questions that impressed the idiot Jehovah's Witness teacher who was shocked when said "brilliant" kid only got a 3 on the exam. Sucker. To wit:
Broken Social Scene is an alliance loosely led by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning; its members, now about a dozen, are also active in other Montreal bands. The sound of 21st-century Montreal is coalescing as upbeat anthems overstuffed with instruments and eccentricities...

But "Broken Social Scene" refuses to ride on Montreal's momentum...

...Broken Social Scene doesn't tamp down its Montreal exuberance...

I believe the correction should read:
A CD review on Monday about the band Broken Social Scene and the album bearing its name was a morning thunder poop (i.e., that which occurs after a long night of imbibing spirits) of reviewer Jon Pareles. He will be fired immediately and replaced by Gina, who has been dazzling tens of readers with her McBlog for the past year and a half.

The Toronto Star weighs in on the crap and says basically the same thing as me, only with more hometown pride. Canadians aren't really on my good side right now (except you, R.)

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