Thursday, October 27, 2005

chairman, president, and ceo

You're getting zilch from me today, as I am tied up with the task of removing my OCD Boss's business cards from his FOUR jam-packed rolodexes and putting them in little rubber-banded piles so he can "take them with [him.]" After four hours of fairly consistent labor, I am up to the P's. I can't wait for the part where he realizes that taking eight three-inch-thick piles of cards around with him is not really a practical option, and I get to spend the next three months entering all the names and contact information into some sort of digital device.

Anyway, Perplexa claims that the online 50th Anniversary Edition of the Village Voice is awesome, if you want to get your learn on. I, of course, have not had time to read it. Employment cramps my style, yo.


leftinrightworld said...

If you get stuck performing that menial task, there are machines that an scan cards and glean the information.

Gina said...

Thanks! Good to know. For now though, I will just sit tight and dink around on the computer. Aaah work.