Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Scene: Last Night at the Mediabistro office in Soho

Gina walks up to her classroom on the 4th floor. It is occupied by the wrong class, so she shuffles over to the room full of cubicles, lingers for a while looking confused and hoping for her class to magically materialize in front of her. Finally, she works up the nerve to ask the nearest person in the office.

Gina: Hi, um, do you know where the women's magazine class is?
Elizabeth Spiers: types away at her computer, barely looks up I think it's over there.
Gina: Uhhh...
Laurel Touby: No, it's been moved downstairs.
Gina: runs toward the exit Okaythanksbye.

I can't decide which is nerdier: my social awkwardness, or the fact that I even know who these people are and am fazed by their "fame." Upon finding my class and engaging in pre-class chat, it was revealed that most of the other writer wannabes don't even know what blogs are yet, and wouldn't know Nick Denton if he hit them over the head with, uh...his ginormous head. So I'm thinking it might just be the latter. Reality check!


Robo's Drone said...

Hey, G. Sorry, I don't know who Nick Denton is either (but I'll Google him post haste), and I only know who Laurel Tobey is becuase I once searched for a job on and now get endless spam mail from the site featuring comments from good ol' Laurel. You might be a dork. From one dork to another, Drone

Gina said...

yeah, well you have better things to think about. like, you know, your job 'n stuff. these last two years i've been just wishing i could become an expert on something. bloggers wasn't really what i was hoping for, but whatever.

(nick denton is the man behind the gawker media empire, and his head is really really big)

Fat Asian Baby said...

oh nick denton's enormous head. remember when we saw him and choire at the holiday cocktail lounge (speaking of the holiday cocktail lounge) and were too afraid to go and talk to them.
real cool.

Gina said...

we are dorks even among dorks. awesome.

Anonymous said...

in unrelated dork news, i've just spent my entire morning trying to figure out whether or not ted leo has a girlfriend. because, well, if he doesn't, then obviously we will get married.