Saturday, October 08, 2005

this post makes about as much sense as a pitchfork review

Tonight I am (was?) in the funkiest of funks. My eyelid is twitching because it's Friday and I stayed up too late every night this week, the ol' hormones aren't doing so well without pharmaceutical support, and the world is apparently coming to an end. Also, the Canadian had to choose this weekend to come visit. Things rarely go smoothly in the planning and execution parts of that department. So as I tend to do, I'd convinced myself that it was all going to go to shit for the super-rational reason that he must hate me. Uh huh. He demonstrated his intense hatred by calling tonight and asking me to come to dinner later. Now, as everyone who's ever remotely befriended me knows, I always like to be right and will do anything to prove my rightness. Boys I like get the brunt of this. So I acted like a total ass on the phone, as if it is his fault that I'm exhausted and I have to get up early tomorrow to go row a boat and it would be a very bad idea to stay out late and get drunk (note that the current time is 1:01 a.m.) Let's just say I don't think he's exactly dying to see me tomorrow, and for once this isn't a "telling myself I'm getting a C just in case I don't get an A" scenario. Ha! I sure showed him.

So the funk turned into a superfunk after that. I couldn't do anything but lie on the futon staring at the impressive amount of dust on the ceiling fan, so I decided to at least give my sulking some ambience with the new self-titled Broken Social Scene album. I worship at the altar of their album You Forgot It In People, and like that one, you need to listen to the new one a few times while doing nothing else to really get into it. Also like the last one, there are only two songs that stood out immediately for me. "7/4 (Shoreline)" (yeah that's the title) I'd downloaded a while ago and put on my "September" and "October" playlists (I am nothing if not deeply creative.) And "It's All Gonna Break" first charmed me when they finished their Central Park show with it and I sat alone outside the venue against a tree. The latter is a nearly 10-minute endeavor, and it's crazy and all over the place and, quite frankly, rocks. I could feel the rain cloud in my head start to lift somewhere around minute three, and then a few minutes later there's this buildup with the lyrics "you are the one that loves the music to save your life" and then I started sobbing the rain cloud right out.

I was moved to check the liner notes to see if there were lyrics (sometimes I don't think they even know what the lyrics are,) and instead there are scribbles of notes made, presumably, during the recording process. The notes for "It's All Gonna Break" include "Wheres charlies Solo?", "make sure ghosts doesn't sound like goats," "call [band member] Crossingham and thank him," "try to make it sound like Bob Seger on acid," and "Forgive your heart (don't spend too much time on that.)" I believe that the brilliance of this band is captured by their ability to end the album repeating what really sounds like "Why are you always fucking goats?" and it's the most beautiful thing in the world, at the moment.

Now that the rain has moved from my head to the torrential downpour outside, I am going to go to bed and listen to that. During the day I hate it, but I've always loved the rain at night.

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bowieluv said...

i too am fixated on that song. just thought i'd say...i understand. xo.