Saturday, August 13, 2005


This weekend I decided to be a good girl and stay in to study for the GRE. Due to the oppressive heat and humidity here in New York City, the staying in part was a piece o' cake. The GRE part? Not so much.

Things I Intended To Do This Weekend But Did Not
*study for the GRE

Things I Did Not Intend To Do This Weekend But Did
*unpack from trip to Wisconsin last weekend
*clean apartment
*take out the trash
*drop off clothes at the dry cleaner's
*buy groceries (i.e., Amy's frozen dinners)
*apply self-tanner (twice)
*shave legs
*open bills
*drink all the beer leftover from last roof party
*import the remainder of my CD collection into iTunes
*print out all the pictures taken since last October
*artfully and meticulously place pictures in album
*delete all unnecessary files from computer
*rearrange icons on computer's desktop
*sort through underwear drawer and throw away the ratty ones
*watch the Netflix movies that have been sitting around for over a month
*read all of the Sunday New York Times except the Business, Automobiles, and Sports sections
*read a book

Nothing like having studying to do to make you take care of all the other crap you've been putting off (well, not the beer part.)


Anonymous said...

Honestly, you actually live the female version of my life.

Although I don't shave my legs.

Gloria said...

I am very impressed that you accomplished all the other tasks. I'm supposed to be packing up the last 7 years of my life to ship it all home, and yet all I can manage to do is acquire more crap (aka shop), sleep, eat, and drink. (I like that you opened bills, but didn't necessarily pay them, unles you did?)

Fat Asian Baby said...

i'm glad to see it's business as usual over at viagina central. i really wouldn't have it any other way.

Gina said...

no no, bills were definitely not paid. and i find it so hilarious that i actually believed i would study all weekend. i should really know myself better by now...

Anonymous said...

You do the whole 'preparing to study', right? Tidy the room, make yourself a drink, get all the pens and paper ready, sort your folder... And then you look at the book for about 2 pages and decide you need some lunch to help you think... Then it's pretty much the same after lunch. And you stop at about 4, because you've worked so hard all day, and deserve a night out...

Anonymous said...

i always make the rationalization that the rest of my life has to be in order so that I'm am clearheaded and therefore more able to concentrate. yeah, that's it...

if you have netflix, the bill hicks dvd is off the grid.