Thursday, August 18, 2005

brunch your heart out

I don't think I need to say anything here, as this post within a post within a post pretty much says it all. Innermost post is my worst nightmare's, next post is ToTC's.

Divine Secrets of the Snoooby Sisterhood
Holy. Fucking. Shit. We'd bold our favorite parts, but we don't think Saudi Arabia can pump that much bold.
Models....Need some cool girlfriends to party with?
The City Girls Social Circle is a group of young, pretty, fun and outgoing girls that get together regularly and go out. Some of us are models, some are not.

Most of us are new to New York and have found it difficult to make new girlfriends. Guys are plentiful and it's hard to make new female friends. And the best PERK of all: Things are so much easier when you're with a group of cute girls.


Clubs - AER, Suede, Cain, Bungalow, B.E.D. & we always have a table
Parties - art exhibits, fashion designers & private parties
Brunch - Meat-packing District, Soho, Downtown Cipriani, Pastis, Felix, Cafeteria & our favorite little cheap spot Primitivo (unlimited mimosas)
Shopping - sample sales, H&M, Bloomies, Henri Bendel, N.Y. Look
Travel - Miami, Summers in Bridgehampton, Weekend Ski trips
Spa Days- Mani/Pedi, facials, massages
Girls Night In - Movies, lots of wine, and each others fabulous company


The group was formed about 6 months ago when my best friend and I decided that we needed to expand our social circle. We posted on craigslist and hand picked the girls that we thought we had the most common interests with. We're a group of 6 girls ranging in ages 21-25.

Each girls has a fast-paced career, fabulous style and yet is refreshingly down to earth, charming and has an out-going personality. Despite how snoooby this post might sound, we're all real girls just looking to have fun.

We all talk regularly and meet up at least once a week. When we do things together, majority of the time its just us girls. Sometimes we hang with the guys, which are mostly socialites, well-to-do types and the occasional celebrity. All of which we've known for ages. Tables at clubs are always taken care of.


Miami trips are the most common just because a few of us are from there. It's always such a fabulous time. Yacht parties, Malibu & pineapples (my fav), and of course....the beach. There is a ski trip in the works to Vermont. We're all going to rent a house. Boyfriends of course are invited.


We're looking for pretty, classy, sophisticated, well-educated girls with fun and vibrant personalities. Girls who enjoy the same lifestyle as us. Pleas no b*tches or divas.


Due to the large amount of psycho girls on craigslist, we need to pre-screen everyone before inviting them to an event. So if you're interested, please reply - we'd love to know more about you & your interests. Please attach a recent photo for consideration. You will receive a bio on everyone once you've been invited to attend.


August 20: Brunch
August 27: Lounging by the pool at swanky Soho hotel
September 10: Brunch

Hope to hear from you!

We'll give someone $10,000 to "try out" for this thing, that is, if you can handle all that brunch. But if you can't, you're not City Girls Social Circle material, anyway.

Wow. I'm off to spend the night drinking to forget I ever read this. I hope the fabu party I'm attending has Malibu & pineapples!


Robo's Drone said...

Sick. And where do I sign up?

Fat Asian Baby said...

our party will be so much shallower. trust me.

Gina said...

which reminds me, fab, if you've invited anyone i haven't met, i'm going to need to see a photo before they'll be allowed to join our social circle for the evening. thanks.