Friday, August 12, 2005

(about a month younger than me)

From Dear Prudence on Slate:

I'm 11, it may seem odd to you that a kid is e-mailing you about something like his, but I'm curious. There was this girl I really liked. She is also 11 (about a month younger than me). She was in fifth grade and I was in sixth grade. So, the only time I saw her was on the bus in the morning and afternoon about an hour total every school day. We always walked to our houses together. And there was certain things she only did when I was sitting right next to her on the bus. For instance, we always tried to sit next to each other on the bus, as in side by side. She always faced me, and we talked to each other on the bus all the time. She told me secrets she didn't even tell some of her friends. But then something awful happened. She moved to Texas. That's a long ways away, considering I live on the West Coast. Two days before school ended I told her that I liked her more than a friend. She's been told that by many kids before (that they like her), but this time she didn't freak out. She was completely calm and relaxed while I was telling her this, like she liked me back. Thankfully I gave her my e-mail address and she gave me hers. Tell me, did she like me?

Dear Kev,
It most certainly sounds as if she did like you. Prudie would suggest that you keep the e-mails going and develop a pen-pal relationship. Who knows? You might wind up visiting in Texas, or her family may make a trip back to the West Coast. Writing is a very good way to stay in touch.
—Prudie, electronically

Can I get a collective "Aaaaaaaww"?

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