Wednesday, August 10, 2005

a little service bloggin'

*In addition to spending my too brief time in Wisconsin dying my sister's hair, finishing fourth out of four in Scrabble (I know, I'm as shocked and appalled as you are,) and trying not to hurt anyone in my constant nicotine withdrawal rage, I saw a few good movies. Dad rented Anchorman, I took the whole fam to the theater to see March of the Penguins (sadly, not so popular in the land o' hicks,) and my sister brought back a great new Chilean movie that you should check out if you like movies that are good. It's called Machuca and depicts the 1970's dictatorship mess through the eyes of kids from different sides of the tracks, so to speak. One part Y tu Mama Tambien, one part City of God, and one part [insert your favorite foreign film about the rich oppressing the poor here.] Who knew the Chileans even made movies?

*I "discovered" a website that has some cute, cheap, well-made shoes. Remix Vintage Shoes has stuff for both ladies and gents, and the merchandise is shipped super-speedily. Some of the shoes are too vintage-y for my tastes, but I got these cute flats in red, and even though flats and pointy toes usually make me feel either fat or like a Christmas elf, respectively, I'm quite pleased with them.

*On my way back to work from LaGuardia Airport, I made a move that can only be described as genius. My New York City mantra, and what makes the city livable for me, is "Nothing is worth waiting in line for." This includes, most notably, bars, hipsterrific rock shows, the Barney's Warehouse Sale, and Magnolia Bakery. I am pained when I see such lines and just want to shake the liner-uppers and scream, "There's an equally good cupcake place down the street!!! Unless you're here for the banana pudding in which case I understand your need to be in this line!" Anyway, so when I finally returned from my excessively delayed flight and saw no less than 300 people waiting in the taxi line, I hauled my tired ass and three bags to the M60 bus, not really sure what I was going to do from there. Not two minutes after saying sayonara to the suckers waiting two hours to take a thirty minute cab ride, the bus stopped at the next terminal where there was another taxi stand, loads of taxis, and no line. Then we passed another. And then another. It wasn't until we'd passed all the terminals that I realized I should've gotten off at one of them and taken a cab, but things worked out in the end as I found a new use for the borrough of Queens--the N/R stop on Astoria Blvd. Bus stopped there, I got on train, I was at work--having saved myself $25--in about fifteen minutes. Score.

*And last but not least, if you come across the following men, beware. Be very ware.

Creed lead Jesus-freak Scott Stapp gets royally punked by drunk college kids in Gainesville Denny's. [via cityrag]

Ben Gibbard is a whiny and arrogant asswipe.

Area Man will bite your face off.

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Anonymous said...

those lyrics essentially sum up my problem with your typical good-lookin' new york boy. i just threw up in my mouth.