Tuesday, October 12, 2004

reason #329407 why my new job ain't so bad

As I sit in my new cubicle on the other side of the office, wearing my new favorite jeans (seriously, they are the shit, and less than $150!) and gazing out at the sparkling Hudson (in a few hours the sun will begin to set--beyootiful,) I'm realizing that things could be worse*. Sure, I have to get up for a babysitting gig at 6:30 every morning to make ends meet (and by ends, I mean money for booze and expensive clothing--thanks, z!) and I'm not any closer to finding that elusive sense of meaning and purpose in my life, but the following conversation with my boss indicates that I am in an environment more suited to my personality (at least for the one more month I'm a temp during which I'll be crossing my fingers that I get hired for real and get me some stock options, whatever those are.) So I had to make reservations for my boss and other work people, myself included, at a famous NYC steakhouse. The only time available was for 45 minutes after my boss wanted the reservation and, as she is not superduper important like Drone's boss, I had to take it. So I called her (she works about 20 feet away from me, but it's aaaall the way around the corner) and said, "So I guess we'll just hang out here until then." She replied, without hesitation, "No, we will just go there and drink." Right-o, boss.

*Yes, I went to the gym last night. Amazing what a lil' serotonin will do.

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