Monday, October 04, 2004

invaluable impact

I just received the following email from my soul mother's alumni association:

CCW Mentoring Fall 2004 Program Launches in November
Columbia College Women is proud to announce another year of the CCW Mentoring Program! Your involvement in CCW's Mentoring Program will make an invaluable impact on a student's life...You will be notified during the week of November 1 whether or not you have been assigned a protégée, but we would appreciate your participation in the kick-off event even if you are not assigned to a student. To be assigned to a protégée in advance of the kick-off event, you must register by Wednesday, October 27th.

While at first I read this and laughed at the prospect of having a protegee (what a lucky one that would be,) upon further consideration I realized it might not be a bad idea. I wish someone had told me earlier on that if you go straight to school after college you will wish you hadn't and don't let your parents tell you otherwise, if you don't go straight to school you will become seriously lost, depressed, and/or confused for at least a year and remain moderately so for some time thereafter, and if you stick to vodka tonics and eat a substantial meal you will probably not puke, break too many things, or blackout and sleep with men of questionable location on the human-ape continuum. Then again, perhaps there are some things you just have to learn for yourself.

[oh, and in case you care about such things, my weekend was weird and great and CCIBWIMIRLF is awesome]


Andrew said...

Umm... Homecoming? Hello? Bad Gina! Bad!

Fat Asian Baby said...

SOoo curious about weekend, but was very careful not to call and disturb you two disgusting lovebirds.

Gina said...

very sweet of you, snooz. call me tonight as, unlike last night, i hope to stay up past 9pm.