Friday, October 08, 2004

oh shandi, you came and you gave without takin'

Leave it to dear friends and reality television to make my day. Drone and I followed through on our Shandi-stalking plan and paid a visit to the Wallgreens on 33rd and 5th. After scouring the main floor and the lower level, I was convinced it was a bust. But there, there in the last aisle we peered down was Shanthrax herself, stocking cosmetics on a shelf overhead. As I am socially inept and prone to giggle fits, I hid around the corner while Drone went up to Shandi, engaged her in conversation, and asked to take pictures. She was nothing but sweet, if not totally freaked out, and told us about signing with an agency and living in New Jersey. (Are there no Walgreenses in Jersey?) Then her manager came by and asked her to go stock something in Aisle 6.

[Note: Despite the disturbingly large difference in head sizes, I do not suffer from encephalitis.]


Fat Asian Baby said...

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Iknewitiknewitiknewit! She DOES work there! And you have a picture! Man, she looks weird.
I myself was not so lucky with my picture taking endeavors yesterday. Tried to get a picture of a frat boy in frat boy baseball hat and absurdly frat boy collared rugby shirt that said: USHER across the front in huge letters. Alas it was a failure.

Cheryl said...

Gina, that's so friggin' cool! I'm jealous!