Wednesday, October 06, 2004

my mom said "warsh" once in, "Are you going to warsh the dishes?" Even though my daddy wears a tie to work and I was ordering from the J. Crew catalog as soon as I hit high school, I feel that this shred of white trash heritage and the locations of my birth (Missourah) and childhood (Wiscaansin) qualify me to make sweeping judgments and use slang terms to make fun of my redneck and Midwestern brethren. So here we go...

*Perhaps even more than cheese curds, the Green Bay Packers are Wisconsinites' greatest source of pride. Apparently they have not been playing up to par lately (hell if I'd know,) and my Dad informs me that a wave of depression has hit the state. Good thing fullback Najeh Davenport is around to restore their faith. [via Thighswideshut]

*What's wrong with this picture? And the person who took it? And the person who wrote the caption? And the person who ok-ed it for publication? The Local Paper has some serious catching up to do. [via Newyorkish]

*Suicide bombers at the Jerusalem Sbarro...fake bomb threats at the local mall. I think the Blacktable is onto something. [via FABolis]

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