Monday, March 29, 2004

this explains a lot

I always thought it was the blonde-haired, brown-eyed, round-faced, deep-voiced thing that was responsible for the 593 Julia Stiles comparisons I've gotten since she descended upon teen celebrity land a couple years ago. But I think our shared ability to look sad/pissed off/aloof when not any of those things (okay, maybe aloof...) is what makes us true doppelgangers. Hooray for no facial expression induced wrinkles!

From midwestgrrl: Would Someone Give Julia Stiles A Job
A job that isn't acting, which she can't do anyway. Last time I checked, facial expressions were required in most acting jobs, even shitty ones, and her deadface isn't cutting it. I suppose now that movies like The Prince and Me are beginning to make it through her selection process, the inevitable downward spiral has begun in earnest. Look at it this way, Julia: You'll never need Botox!

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