Tuesday, March 16, 2004

i want to cut up my face and be on tv

So last night, while Perplexa was listening to the Magnetic Fields and reading about the cultural history of late 19th century Paris, yours truly was watching the new MTV show I Want a Famous Face. Yeeeeeeikes. It was basically a half hour of schadenfreude, sans the freude.

The first episode featured a pair of acne-scarred twins aspiring to be the next Brad Pitts and followed them to an acting audition that made the Olsen twins look Oscar-worthy, the most awkward date in the history of mankind, and the nauseating facial reconstruction surgeries and painful recoveries. In the end, they look nothing like Brad Pitt, as emphasized by an almost mocking side-by-side comparison, and misinterpret the attention and stares of others: "Every time my twin brother and I walk down the mall or at our shopping center, girls seem to do the double look and begin to chat with their friends." Hmmm, wonder if the fact that they're tall male twins with Joan Rivers faces (and hair, for that matter) has anything to do with that...

These kids would probably have more acting success marketing themselves as fugly, a la the Sherminator. Now they're not just unhot, they're unhot and scary. This, perhaps, is MTV's whole point?

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