Monday, March 29, 2004

roar lions roar

From Page Six: March 26, 2004 -- ANOTHER night, another carnal conquest for Mick Jagger (above). The 60-year-old Rolling Stone took a 20-year-old Columbia University co-ed named Meredith back to his suite at the Mandarin Oriental after partying with her at Lotus and Bungalow 8 the other night. Jagger met the brunette beauty at Lotus, but left with some pals and ended up at the more exclusive Bungalow 8, where he text-messaged her to join him. When Meredith and another giddy Columbia co-ed arrived, they couldn't get past its notoriously tough velvet ropes, so Jagger sent a friend to usher them inside. And the rest is history.

Haven't decided yet if I'm grossed out or jealous. And do people really still go to Lotus and Bungalow 8?

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