Monday, January 23, 2006

self-absorbed, sure, who isn't? exhibitionist, hells no.

Early this morning (errr, I suppose it was technically the afternoon) as my fellow waiter, the cute executive chef (uh oh...but unmarried this time!), and I were awaiting our first table, two folks who were way overdressed for the neighborhood entered the restaurant. I was so excited to have something to do other than clean the dried milk goo off the espresso machine steamer spigot thing for the third time that I ignored that fact and ran up to them with menus.

"Two for lun..."

"Wereyouherewhenthe ROOF COLLAPSED??" she asked.

"Oh, uh, yeah I was."

"What did it SOUND like? Was it REALLY LOUD? I heard it was like gunshots!"

"Actually I didn't hear anything. We were pretty busy then."

"Well can you just tell us what you saw?! What it was like to be here?!"

"Um, I guess so, sure. Well all of a sudden there were some fire trucks, and lots of people standing around watching stuff, even though you couldn't see anything..."

At this point her companion revealed a gigantic NY1 camera, and I concurrently disappeared behind the chef and blushed like a schoolgirl. He said he wasn't there until later, the waiter shared my lack of desire to be on mediocre local television, though for more sophisticated reasons, and we were off the hook. The poor NY1 folks just wanted to talk to someone who wasn't a rabbi, they told us. We told them to talk to Teany.

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